Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jezebel and racism (1): sperm bank mixed baby edition

Jezebel has an article on a woman suing sperm bank over biracial baby that has the lawsuit thrown out. Predictably, even though the woman is lesbian and hence should have a certain immunity from criticism on Jezebel, it is full of cries that this woman is racist.

Personally, as a father of two biracial children, I think this is not necessarily the case. Reasonable people expect their children to look like a mixture of both of them. My ex-wife though once remarked when pregnant that if she were to have a girl, she'd want her to be as dark as herself. I don't know how serious she was, but I think she was pretty serious. Delusional people like that are no exception, see one of my previous items: LSA on black men with white women (2): black woman seeking "chocolate children" with white man (how?).

The most annoying part of this is that the commentators of Jezebel are most likely predominantly white, giving the racial composition of the US. Nevertheless it is quite common to see "white tears" GIFs, which I suspect are not even posted by black people. And even if posted by a black person, no white person seems either mentally capable of understanding that such GIFs are racist or if one is aware, no one has the courage to call the poster out for it. I suspect most commentators are white women brainwashed into having a "white guilt" complex.

Anyway, regardless of the race of the commentators, I'd be willing to bet that if they were told in the hospital that they were to have a Down syndrome baby or a baby that is going to look nothing like either parent, the vast majority would be calling Planned Parenthood the very same day to make an appointment for an abortion.

What can we learn from all this? People like to cry racism a lot, especially white women have a penchant of being racially offended for someone of another race. It's called paternalism. Jezebel uses the term paternalism in conjunction with pig: . Perhaps it's time for the Jezebels to look into the mirror and see the hypocrite pig that you are.

EDIT: read my follow up article on what black women REALLY say on this topic when white women aren't around.

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